Friday, 25 May 2012

Wild weather, wind and waves. What the ...?

What is it with these early morning wake up calls at sea?
At 2am peaceful Little Pioneer Bay turned into a churning mass as 30+ knot winds and torrential rain roared in from the south-west whipping up waves and swell directly into the bay.
This was the change due this afternoon - you know, when Sea Piper would be tucked up in the shelter of the Hinchinbrook Channel. Now we can only look longingly across the water at where we reckon the channel is hiding beneath its rain blanket.
Last time we stayed at Orpheus Island, in the same bay, we were hit with exactly the same scenario. Though it's a bit freakish happening in late May. At least last time it was late in the year when you might expect the odd storm.
Needless to say we were up a lot last night, checking the mooring line and our position. A couple of tug boats had anchored during the evening so it was comforting to see their lights as they provided a point of reference in the blackness.
The swell and roll was hugely uncomfortable but our thoughts went out to friends who had headed south late on Wednesday and would be copping it around Bowen. A phone call today confirmed that they had indeed - 40+ knots gale force against them in the middle of the night as they headed towards Airlie Beach.
As the day has progressed the wind has died down to around 20-25 knots but the sea is still too wild to venture across to the Lucinda jetty and the entrance to the Hinchinbrook Channel.
Hopefully tomorrow will provide that opportunity.


  1. Aaaah! Make a run for it! ;-)

  2. Keep safe, it was still raining and blowing at Wiligi yesterday which is unusual for this time of the year.
    Reuben came in to Darwin to see me and attend a meeting and left our friend Riddles in charge Reuben had a phone call yesterday to say that the generator had stopped and oil was all over the floor...only at Wiligi, he goes back home tomorrow
    with a mechanic. keep travelling North and I will put the kettle on and have a cold one in the fridge.

    1. Great to hear from you Dawn. Hope you're repairing well and can go back home soon. We're heading towards Cairns to meet up with Andy and Donna. Made the trip across from Orpheus this morning and have anchored in a creek in the Hinchinbrook Channel. It is absolutely beautiful here - and calm! xoxoxox from us :)