Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Surfing the Daintree

Morning tea in the Daintree River
We've just dropped anchor in the Daintree River after an exciting crossing from Low Isles preceded by a whale sighting about 300 metres off our starboard side.
Approaching the Daintree's sandbar on the rising tide, all four pair of eyes were focussed on finding that elusive red marker buoy that guards the safe passage through. At just over half a nautical mile off we spotted it - and the whale blowing and curving its way through the water.
The excitement of the whale soon paled as we surfed our way across the bar with the depth meter dropping to 1.1 metres under the hull.
With wide eyes Leigh was calling out the depths as they spiralled down and then she gave a cheer as they started coming back up as we hit the channel.
Leaving behind the line of breakers to gain safe passage into the Daintree River
Although we had heavy cloud and a bit of light rain on the way across, the sky is clearing, giving way to another beautiful day.
The Daintree is gloriously wide with a spectacular backdrop of mountains. The fishing lines are baited and over the back and we are hoping for the trifecta - ie our third consecutive fish dinner.
Low Isles snorkelling - beautiful, as always.
The purple stuff reminds me of spaghetti hair we used to make with Play Doh.

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  1. sounds exciting. Won't be long now. Hope the fish arestill biting anad the sea is calm!!!! X Rose and Steve