Friday, 12 October 2012

Ugh - weeds

I see weeds of green, spreading burr plants too
My, how they've grown, out the back and front too
And I think to myself what a different world
(Apologies to Louis Armstrong)
First impressions of the garden on our return to Rochy was the beaut spring colours - trees flowering, the ground cover daisies blooming purple and white. Glorious.
Growing pile outside the garden bed instead of in it.

The odd weed or two.
But that extra green tinge was a thousand weeds, some a metre tall.
While we had the two youngest grandkids staying, I blissfully ignored the extra growth but once they had returned home it was time to address the burrs, thistles and other weedy objects to give the real plants room to spread and hopefully choke the weeds out in the future.
A downpour on Saturday and another yesterday softened the ground and I have dedicated this week to weed removal, crawling progressively through the jungle to pull them out. The result is very muddy hands and knees, some reclaimed garden beds and huge piles of the unwanted stuff waiting to go to the tip.
I guess it could be likened to cleaning the hulls, maybe.
Maybe not!

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