Saturday, 21 September 2013

Superb day at the reef

Day one: Perfect for a visit to the Great Barrier Reef.
The pictures say it all.
Upolu Cay coming out of the water at low tide.

Off to the cay

Alexander `snorkelled' for kilometres at the reef.

Almost back at the marina after a day at the reef.

Alexander's friend Midget had another adventure to add to his story.

Beach babes

What a feeling!

This big angel fish was named Gurgo because of his habit of regurgitating food.

Watching `Gurgo'


  1. Looks like an excellent day for everyone! Glad to see the weather was great for a nice day on the reef. I hope Gurgo didn't get midget! xxleigh

    1. Midget survived - and went swimming at the Cairns lagoon today.

  2. Channel 9 news used Sea Piper as a back Drop from one of the Islands off of Cairns, Looking Good!

    1. We saw a TV crew on shore at Fitzroy Island but didn't know who it was. Learnt later it was the Today show but didn't know it was on the news as well.