Sunday, 27 October 2013

Food fest - tick

Something low key and healthy for Mog - not. OK I'll admit that the other two plates belong to Royden and me.
Yesterday's food fest met all expectations - and Kal wasn't the only one with a larger-than-usual tummy by last night.
As Mog was still lamenting missing the waffles last year at the Cairns Botanic Gardens, we decided to start the day with morning tea / lunch at the Gardens café.
Yum! I'll let the picture do the talking, although Kal's healthier ham and cheese croissant didn't make the snap.
The flower of the amazing cannonball tree. Like its name suggests, the `fruit' of this tree is the same shape and weight of a cannonball. Wouldn't want one to drop on your head. As well as seeing this in the Botanic Gardens, Royden also spotted one - full of cannonballs - along the foreshore walking path. Unsuspecting people were lying under the shady canopy. Worse than a coconut hitting you I reckon.
Another beautiful tree - others will probably know what sort.
Chilling out in the lagoon.
Afterwards we walked the gardens then swam off the kilos in the Cairns lagoon along with lots of other family groups. It is the most picturesque place and well used by tourists and locals alike.
Looking towards Yorkeys from Trinity Beach rocks
We followed up with a trip to Trinity Beach for a walk and to check out the Thai restaurants which resulted in a delicious feast that evening after we'd gone back to the marina to make ourselves beautiful!
And now looking back towards Palm Cove and Double Island.

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