Wednesday, 2 September 2015


Day four and we had declared a rest day - until the wind got up from the north and we shifted from Bona Bay, on Gloucester Island, around the corner to a more peaceful anchorage at Breakfast Bay on the south side of the island.
We arrived at Bona around 5pm yesterday after a 9 hour trip from Cape Upstart.
The sea was fickle and confused for the first part of the journey. The big black cloud hovering over us as we left Upstart created its own weather system and we zigged and zagged trying to get a comfortable ride while still heading roughly in the direction we wanted to go.
Leaving the Cape Upstart weather system in our wake.
After passing the Abbott Point jetty, the wind and sea settled and we were able to sail comfortably past Bowen to our anchorage at Bona Bay.
Our sailing pattern was a repeat of the day before when we left Bowling Green and motor sailed for the first couple of hours before having a beaut sail down to Cape Upstart.
Our preferred anchorage at the bottom of the Cape proved a good choice once again as the wind swung in from the north making the anchorages close to the cape very swelly.
This morning we went ashore and met up with Iron Mongrel crew Mac and Kerry who have been in the Whitsunday area for a few weeks now. We managed a walk on the beach and a bit of an explore before the black clouds rolled in and the sea roughed up leading to our decision to move to this far more peaceful location.
We're hoping the garfish are as active tonight as they were last night. Every time we threw a light on the water they went berserk, jumping and leaping everywhere. Royden and Rob were much entertained by trying to catch some for bait using a net with holes far too big for the purpose. Leigh and I were equally entertained watching them!
At this moment the boys are constructing a finer mesh net out of some old shade-cloth to try their luck with tonight.

Breakfast Bay looking across to Monte's and Shag Islet.

Breakfast Bay is the go-to bay in a northerly.

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