Thursday, 26 May 2011

Did you know Dugongs snort?

We discovered that dugongs do snort or at least the one that hovered around our boat for a while this morning was a `snorter'. It was beautiful to watch it feeding through the grasses then stick its snout out of the water and give a snort or two. Getting a photo was just about impossible so we just enjoyed the moment.
The afternoon was blissfully calm (uh oh!) so we took the chance to go ashore and explore, finding a fresh water creek and a salt water creek. There are shacks dotted along the coast with the only access being from the sea. The area is now a national park but we understand the shacks can remain with the families that owned them when the park was declared.
There's one other yacht anchored here tonight. Other than that, there's just the stars and us.
Incoming tide

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