Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Waiting it out

At the moment we're nestled into Horseshoe Bay, Magnetic Island, while 30 knot S-E winds blow themselves out and three metre seas roll on through. Of course, SE is the direction we would like to go in order to explore the Whitsundays once again - this time at our leisure.
Yesterday squalls passed through and it looked like the Palm Islands and Hinchinbrook area got a bit of rain. The prawn trawlers, which seem to be based here, went out but were back within about half an hour. A bit rolly even for them.
Towards evening the bay and the sea beyond took on a silver glow - pretty stunning. Reminded us a lot of an early morning on Chilli Beach, Cape York - except it was a lot windier there and never stopped raining.
Conditions look like improving over next weekend. In the meantime, there's always decks to scrub ... fish to catch ...
Stay tuned

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    Hope everything went well today !