Friday, 1 July 2011

Bring on the sun

Who would have thought that last Sunday's weather in Rochester and Melbourne would be better than Monday's weather in the Whitsundays. Ditto Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday.
We returned to Queensland to be greeted with rain, wind and coolish temperatures which have lasted until now but with signs of improvement tomorrow. Allelujah.
We crossed from the marina to Gulnare Inlet on Wednesday morning just before high tide. Thirty knot winds and a surging sea saw us across the Fitzallan channel in no time.
Gulnare is reputedly an all weather refuge but the prevailing conditions mean the boats here have been subjected to bullet winds and a rolling sea for several days now. The periods of calm are tranquil and the surrounding mountains beautiful.
A ray of promise?
There's lots to explore here and we snuck the dinghy out between squalls yesterday morning for a trip down a couple of creeks dragging a lure. No fish but very enjoyable nevertheless.
Exploring Gulnare's creeks
Patches of blue in the sky this morning have us optimistic that the forecast is correct and we may be able to poke our noses out of the inlet tomorrow and sail across to Airlie Beach to re-stock supplies before heading to Long Island to greet Stu, Tina and the boys.
They - and we - are very excited.

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