Friday, 8 July 2011

Sea Piper's special visitors sleep over

What an excellent few days we have had, capped off with a special sleepover on Sea Piper for Sonny and Alexander and a surprise dinner and birthday cake on Long Island last night.
It was sad to farewell Stu, Tina and the boys this morning but, with much improved weather conditions over the past week, we've made the most of the days, seen our share of turtles and dolphins, made lots of dinghy and canoe trips, and played many rounds of mini golf. Whales would have been good to cap it off however they proved elusive though we heard a report of them off Long Island (on the other side of course) on Tuesday and again this morning on the east side of the Whitsundays.
One of the funniest sights occurred yesterday when Alexander went with Pa to anchor the dinghy out beyond the low tide mark. Looking up from the shore we noticed the two had changed positions and Alexander was proudly mastering the controls and doing the odd `zoom' across the bay leaving a trail of white foam in his wake.

A change of Captain!
Many thanks to friends and family for their birthday greetings, messages and presents. I am loving the ukele and practice every day - thanks Rochy gang for coming up with such a beaut and unexpected challenge. Stu was able to assist with some strumming technique which I was finding very difficult so now the chords are coming together and it's sounding a bit more like music. I'm sure Royden's pleased at this development.
Turtle heaven or haven on Long Island.

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  1. Thanks for a great holiday !
    We've got some photos too - at
    There's some good ones of you guys, and the boys and of course, the "Happy Birtday" cake.