Tuesday, 30 August 2011

... but wait, there's more

Mog and Kal's last day at sea was capped off by another sighting of a whale and her calf, just off Henning Island, as we neared Hamilton Island for an overnight mooring before our farewell today.
The mother appeared to be having a rest, lying like a huge log on top of the water. No resting for the calf though. It was splashing around then diving down and coming up for big leaps and bigger splashes.
This went on for about 15 minutes until the big whale rose up and did a major splash - all went a bit quieter after that.
The last few days have been amazing with the number of whales we have seen, not to mention other wildlife like the big manta ray in Nara Inlet whose wings looked like two shark fins swimming side by side until it got closer to the boat and we were able to identify it..
Unfortunately I won't be able to include photos on the blog for a while until Olympus tell me what they're going to do with my (not) waterproof camera.

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