Monday, 5 September 2011

On the move.

Approaching Grimston Point at the top of Woodwark Bay.
After a lazy few days off Airlie Beach, we headed off this morning for a slow journey north to Townsville.
Re-stocked, and with a $38 `on special' (reduced from $129) waterproof digital camera from Harvey Norman, we have anchored just a little way up the coast in Woodwark Bay.
It's been a very windy few days and there are quite a few boats in this inlet waiting for conditions to ease quite a bit more.
We grabbed a window of opportunity on the outgoing tide this morning and enjoyed a beaut sail on the Code Zero. As we rounded into Woodwark Bay, the wind found its gusto again, picking up several notches as did the waves.
Airlie Beach provided a nice stopover with the chance to meet up with the owners of another Easton catamaran anchored alongside. We also feasted on a delicious feed of fish and chips - funny what you have cravings for and sensational if the meal lives up to the expectation.
At 7am on Sunday we found ourselves in the middle of the swim leg of the annual Triathlon. Hundreds of wet-suit clad swimmers took part - it was quite a sight to see them racing down the beach then heading out towards our boat. It looked like hard work out there with some struggling to make the distance, let alone the next two legs.
Here they come ...
It's nice to get ``out of town'' though.
Woodwark is a beautiful little bay and we usually don't have internet or any other reception so I'm taking this opportunity to send this while I can.

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