Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Fish for tea - and lunch, and brekky

A dump of rain helped replenish the water tanks yesterday morning
Sometimes you get to be in the right place at the right time - and with the right lure on the end of your rod.
This morning we decided to move into the next bay north, Double Bay (Double Bay East that is) as we read that the fishing was good and it offered good shelter from most things the weather might throw at you.
We made our way around at a leisurely pace with the outgoing tide helping us along, and anchored deep in the inlet about two hours before low tide.
Our maps showed a few bommies to be wary of, so we lowered the dinghy and put in the depth finder to check out the area surrounding our anchorage.
With change of tide looming, we threw in the fishing rods as well.
Our first drift past the said bommies - which were well inshore from Sea Piper and not posing a threat - scored a hit for each of us.
Initially I thought I'd snagged on the reef but then the line offered a bit of fight. Hmm, might be a fish there after all.
And what a beauty it was when it was finally hauled into the boat. A big fat rock cod.
Catch of the day
That'll do nicely for a few dinners. Fish have been a bit scarce along the Queensland coast so far which probably doubles the enjoyment.
This bay has managed to live up to its reputation already.

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