Thursday, 15 September 2011

The only boat in the bay ... but this could change ...

We're still in Bowen and loving it. There are so many gorgeous beaches here and we've decided to see and swim in as many as possible while we wait for the wind to drop.
Once ashore, you would hardly know the wind was blowing in many of these lovely protected bays.
Horseshoe Bay looking towards Gloucester Island
Lonely Sea Piper in Grays Bay
We walked to Horseshoe Bay and Queens Bay today then came back for a swim at Grays Bay where we had the dinghy anchored offshore to allow for the run-out tide.
This weekend is the Bowen Fishing Classic and the start of school holidays so it will probably get a lot busier and Sea Piper won't be the only boat in the bay.
The wind looks like dropping tomorrow but we're hanging around till early Saturday morning to pick up the Weekend Australian before heading to Cape Upstart for a day or two on our journey north.

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