Saturday, 14 July 2012

This is more like `the brochure'

Jump into that? You've got to be joking!
Black tipped reef sharks (complete with their `sucky-topped' remora), batfish and a cobia greeted our arrival in the Low Isles yesterday. Obviously they are used to being fed off boats.
I failed to share Royden's enthusiasm for jumping off the back of the boat for a swim in the beautifully clear water. However a short trip in the dinghy took us directly over the coral reef, and even though the reef sharks were still numerous, it was not as daunting as launching oneself from a place the fish perceived as a feeding source.
Stunning Low Isles off Port Douglas with the sun still struggling to break through.
Sadly, Cristy and Johnno left on Thursday morning for the long drive back to Victoria. While we had a wonderful time with them exploring Cairns and surrounds, the weather during their stay was atrocious. When the wind finally stopped blowing at gale force, it began to rain. We did manage to take the boat out of the marina and have an overnight stay in Trinity Inlet then a trip out to Fitzroy Island in the rain but the weather blew up overnight and we made a hasty exit first thing Wednesday morning back to the smoother waters of Trinity Inlet.
Captain and co-pilot
A walk on Fitzroy Island's Nudie Beach during a brief break in the rain. No nudies sighted!
By the afternoon conditions had settled enabling a lovely sail back to the marina and their car!
As Murphy's Law would predict, the day they left the weather was perfect. Ditto yesterday. As they drove south through rain, rain and more rain, we set sail on an almost flat sea for the Low Isles, catching three mackerel along the way and sighting our first whale of the season about 200 metres off the boat.
Snorkelling at Low Isles.
Other highlights of Cristy and Johnno's visit were the day out in Mareeba taking in Coffee World followed by a picnic lunch at the Emerald Creek Falls; the walks of the Cairns Botanic Gardens; and (for me) the Ukelele Festival and taking part in the world record attempt for the most ukelele players in one location playing the same tune. 1300 uke players gathered and the sound and atmosphere was fantastic. Over 1600 players were needed to top the record so another attempt will be made next year when the bar, no doubt, will be even higher.
Oh - and did I mention Johnno's cakes? Fruit cake, lumberjack cake, Mars Bar slice, and raspberry and white choc muffins filled the fridge and freezer. Mmm. As always, super-delicious and enough to last the whole visit!
The tiny specks at the top right hand side of the Emerald Creek falls are Cristy, Johnno and Royden.

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