Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Things to do when it's windy ....

Next stop Byron Bay?
After a 5am start last Friday, Cristy and Johnno arrived at the Bluewater marina at around 3pm Sunday after a trouble-free road trip.
Unfortunately the weather isn't being as compliant as the road conditions. Strong wind warnings with gale force gusts have forced a reorganisation of plans from sea-based to land-based for the next few days at least.
We spent yesterday in Cairns and today we drove up to Kuranda for the morning then onto Barron Falls for a picnic lunch and a walk.
Cristy and Johnno took the SkyRail back down and we met them at the bottom with the car.
In between times, Johnno isn't far away from a fishing rod and Cristy and I aren't far away from a board game or two.
Despite the unfavourable maritime conditions, we're having a great time.
Even the crabs are doing it tough.

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  1. Sounds ok to us. Steve loves to fish (me too!) And Rose loves to play board games. Cheers. Have fun. xx