Friday, 22 June 2012

Who shall dare the bosun's chair?

17 metres up replacing protective covers on the spar ends.
It's not the most sought after job on Sea Piper but this morning provided perfect conditions for being winched up the mast in the bosun's chair in order to replace the protective caps on the spar ends.
I'd like to say we tossed for who would go up the mast and who would work the winch - but I'd be lying.
Royden's made the new ends from a soft leather so hopefully they will last better than the previous `fabric tape' ones which deteriorated badly over the past two years.
Down at the next level - and still smiling.


  1. Hope the crew aren't expected to do that sort of thing!!!!Yikes!!!! x rose

  2. Hope he hadn't eaten too many muffins before you had to hoist him up. xxleigh

  3. Fred says you are getting too old for that you stupid b.......

  4. It could have been folly
    to imitate Molly (Paulineism)
    No matter how calm the seas
    Janet could rock the boat
    and Royden would float
    face down with his bum in the breeze. Anon.