Sunday, 10 June 2012

Calm seas - Fitzroy Island here we come

Heading off to Fitzroy Island with enough breeze for the Code Zero
We arrived at beautiful Fitzroy Island after an early morning start from Trinity Inlet in Cairns this morning.
It's a picture perfect setting. Crystal clear blue, blue water, palm trees on the beach and a resort and bar tucked away discreetly amongst the trees.
We ventured out from the Moon River with Andy and Donna last Thursday, intending to go to Fitzroy Is but the swell was so uncomfortable we decided to anchor in Trinity until the weather improved.
Donna and I figured that Myer Cairns stocktake sale was of more interest than the ocean in its cranky mood, so into town we went on Friday, investigating the specials as well as having a look at Cairns itself. The city was impressive. Clean, lots of people, lots of variety in the shops and a fabulous fresh food market.
While we were in the inlet, Donna added to our supplies with some fresh fish and is presently out the back of the boat catching some rosy jobfish.
Fish for tea - again!
There's quite a few boats here, probably because it's a long weekend. We'll stay for a couple of days and probably tackle the walk to the lighthouse and maybe the summit of the island tomorrow with the end reward of a meal at the beach restaurant.
In the meantime we'll just chill out and wait for Donna to catch dinner!
Chillin' after a swim.


  1. Looks Awesome. Can't wait for our turn. Cris & Johnno.

  2. Us too!5 weeks today and we will be starting our holiday. x Steve & Rose