Thursday, 21 June 2012

Conquering Earl

From the top of Earl Hill looking south towards Yorkeys Knob, Trinity Park and Bluewater marina

We viewed our floating holiday home Sea Piper from a great height yesterday after climbing the almost vertical track up Earl Hill. It was a spectacular view and worth the effort.

It must be the Cairns' equivalent of Castle Hill when it comes to a popular venue for a fitness workout, judging from the number of people going up and down in the middle of the day on a Wednesday. However the difference lies in the standard of the track. Castle Hill is accessed via a made road while Earl Hill boasts a goat track of rocks and tree roots - and it goes almost straight up.
Today we decided to take it a bit easier and caught the bus to Kuranda (after baulking at the $74 for the train trip which we last went on 12 years ago). It was $6 on the bus!
It's such a pretty place surrounded by thick rainforest and we were happy to be there relatively early (9.30am-ish) to wander around before the crowds (which never really arrived - maybe because it's mid-week or maybe the generally quiet tourism throughout Queensland).
Of course, morning tea was the first thing on our agenda and we couldn't resist sharing a wholesome (?) pancake with our coffee at the quirky and very colourful original markets before wandering down to the railway station for a walk around the beautifully kept gardens.
Sugary sustenance.
Kuranda station

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  1. Sounds delightful!! Especially with the DISGUSTING weather we're having down here right now!!