Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Turtle Bay

Coming into Turtle Bay
We thought Fitzroy Island was beautiful but we have just landed in Turtle Bay and it is even more spectacular - as well as secluded and sheltered.
Thought I'd update the blog while we do our customary anchor check hour. then it's off to shore in the dinghy for an exploration of the long stretches of sand, rocky outcrops and hidden waterfalls (maybe).
Yesterday we walked the tracks of Fitzroy Island.
The walk to the lighthouse, mainly through rainforest, and then onto the summit of the island were pretty steep - reminiscent of that last kilometre to the Wilsons Prom lighthouse, but the views were breathtaking.
Not so the lighthouse itself. It looked like something designed in the 70s - fully white-tiled all the way up and with a strange looking arrangement at the bottom that contained information about the place - however the door was locked.
Fitzroy Island lighthouse

A hard slog - but worth the effort
Unfortunately my camera ran out of battery as I reached the summit so - no photos to prove we made it. Maybe next time ...
We also walked through the Secret Garden (Wow!) and to Nudeys Beach and beyond. There were no nudies and our presence didn't alter that situation.
On the way to the summit.

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  1. Turtle Bay looks gorgeous, the climb up Fitzroy Island not so gorgeous! Bringing back memories of Mt Whitsunday. xxleigh