Monday, 17 September 2012

Coo coo

Early morning Low Isles
The cooing of hundreds of Torres Strait Island pigeons and the expelled breath of emerging turtles are the only sounds we can hear this morning off Low Isles.
The pigeons fly in in groups each evening; in pairs, triples or larger flocks, to roost in the mangroves of the easternmost isle. The birds skim across the top of the water as they approach, seeming to just miss plunging in. It's a great sight - a black and white omen perhaps.
Yesterday we decided to snorkel areas around Low Isles where we haven't been before - and discovered a treasure trove of coral and fish, particularly off the northern side of the reef well out from the lighthouse island.
There were large bommies and deep drop offs around the edges of the reef, where the big fish hang out. Strangely enough the reef sharks were scarce. They seem to prefer being around the boats with the bat fish and the giant trevally, especially when there's the chance of the odd prawn head tossed into the water.
Giant trevally, reef sharks and remora hang around the boats at Low Isles.


  1. Looks beautiful.Still wish we were there! Do you want any snorkelling tips? Probably better than horse tips as we didn't do any good this week, and that's saying something. So over to you. x Rose and Steve

  2. We lit a huge bonfire yesterday and sat around it drinking stubbies and pretending it was fivesies at the low isles. Wasn't quite the same xxleigh