Friday, 7 September 2012

Ready, set, jump ...

Preparing to plunge ...
Ahh, this is the life.
Sea Piper is back at Fitzroy Island as I'm writing this. With Mog and Kal on board for only a few days, it was the obvious destination, offering walks, snorkelling and the opportunity to buy an icecream.
Setting off through the Moon River leads at Yorkey's Knob.
We had a mixed sail across from the Moon River yesterday. It was a beautiful morning to start with (hmm, so often we have started this way).
With the main and the Code Zero fully out we were heading south and making six knots, gliding along with the pleasing sound of the swish of water past the hulls - accompanied of course by the wind generator's whirring.
Immediately opposite Trinity Inlet the wind currents changed making it difficult to maintain a heading and gain ground so we opted for a motor sail which was OK but less quiet.
Approaching Cape Grafton we watched a rain squall obliterate the view of Fitzroy Island. It, and a 22 knot head wind, reached us about 20 minutes later but passed quickly enough.
Once it was gone the sun reappeared, the sea quietened and all was well with the world. It became a gorgeous day and we were able to anchor just off the reef at the island enabling us to snorkel straight off the boat. And of course we went ashore and bought an icecream for afternoon tea.
Snorkelling, swimming, walking and lolling around the yacht sum up today's activities which will no doubt be followed this evening by several games of Yaniv (card game) and at least one of Logo or maybe Siedler (board games).
Tomorrow we head back to the mainland for these guys to fly out early Sunday morning.
The forecast looks promising for a great sail back. Fingers crossed.

One of the well-fed inhabitants of Fitzroy Island.
One who wishes he might be a well-fed inhabitant of Fitzroy Island.


  1. Its about time, you haven't had an update in ages. Tell Mog & Kal to enjoy the sunshine its freeeeezing down here! Ahh Fitzroy Island how I miss you. xxleigh...oh and you guys too of course!

  2. It seems the weather gods were only against one of your guests........ Us!!! Guess it means we will have to have a "do-over" and pray for super duper advertising campaign type conditions.