Thursday, 16 May 2013

Ducking for cover in Double Bay

The stars over remote Holbourne Island were magnificent last night but as the sliver of moon disappeared the night turned to absolute blackness.
So much for our thoughts that, with limited shelter here, we could, if the sea got too lumpy, pick up the anchor and do a night sail across to Gloucester Island or the mainland.
The night did turn a bit swelly as the (very light) wind shifted around to the north. We had anchored in lieu of a prevailing south easterly. Just goes to show you can never get it quite right.
Another thing that influences swell here is the passing tankers and freight ships. I'm glad I saw it happen in light or I would have been wondering all night why we kept getting these series of big waves rocking us about.
The big ships, some bound for Abbot Point north of Bowen, others further south and north, are many kms away but their wash carries far across the sea.
Despite our determination to sail over to Double Bay today, the 10 knot northerly disappeared at daybreak, replaced by a fluky and almost non-existent breeze.
We gave up on flapping sails after an hour or so and started a motor, arriving here early afternoon.
Double Bay is two bays north-west of Airlie Beach. It's a lovely sheltered bay lined with mangroves and scrub, and with lots of fishlife.
We'll probably stay here a couple of days as winds are forecast to pick up to 25 knots later today before dropping away again on Saturday when we will most likely head across to the Whitsunday islands..
Looking out from our Double Bay anchorage towards Grassy Island at the entry.

What a view for our beaut little tumbler washer that we picked up in the laundry at Bluewater (Cairns) last year. Note our `new' dinghy which is half the weight of our previous one AND I can start the motor!
We anchored in the nick of time as a light rain squall hit about half an hour later. I hurriedly grabbed the washing out of our little tumbler and hung it on the railings for its rinse cycle, then we settled back with lunch and a book while the rain passed by.

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  1. Last week I was lamenting the lack of blogs. Now I'm, as I said earlier, just plain jealous. Glad to see Proud Mary is still doing her job. xxxleigh