Thursday, 27 June 2013

More pics from Stonehaven

Another aspect of beautiful Stonehaven Bay (pre-smoke)
While smoke continues to blot out the northern end of the Whitsundays, we're anchored comfortably at the western end of Airlie Beach.
Last time we were in this spot dolphins appeared in the bay at low tide, which reminded me that our final morning in Stonehaven Bay included a pod of dolphins who went around and around - feeding I guess.

The day before Royden discovered a beautiful fig tree and rock waterfall up one of the creeks. While I enjoy exploring new beaches, I'm a bit over rock hopping up mountain creeks - not to mention painfully slow in the `hopping' department.
Fresh water falls

At least three dolphins circled for around 20 minutes. Occasionally one would leap out of the water - whenever I had the camera pointing the other way!

Sea Piper in Stonehaven Bay

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