Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Smoked out

Our lovely stay around Stonehaven Bay came to an abrupt halt at lunchtime when Marine Parks firebombed the northern end of Hook Island.
They'd sent a boat around in the morning saying this was going to happen and there would be a ``bit of smoke, and maybe some ash, but the sunset should be nice''.
It was a beautiful day - little wind and smooth water. We moved to the southern end of the bay early to enjoy a snorkel and had climbed back in the dinghy, drifting around enjoying some more coral when the red firebombing helicopter appeared.
In a matter of minutes plumes of smoke were rising from the ridgelines. With an increase in the wind speed, flames were licking up and the smoke thickened.
By the time we got back to Sea Piper ash was falling on the decks. We had originally intended to sail across to Airlie tomorrow and restock for our return to Townsville and then Cairns but instead we headed across the Passage today.
The red helicopter makes its appearance
Lighting up the ridgeline
With school holidays just beginning here and heaps of families out on the water and visiting the struggling resorts, you'd have to question Marine Parks timing. I also wonder why they firebomb these uninhabited islands anyway.

Heading back to Sea Piper
Now that got rid of those tourists
The beautiful day reasserted itself once we were clear of Hook Island. Hayman Island to the north was also blotted out.


  1. Well that just seems dumb... not to mention deadly for all the native animals :-(

  2. Totally agree Mog, how ridiculous. Sounds like they could give the Dept. of Sparks and Embers a run for their money. leigh

  3. Idiots.
    Here is why they do it....from their website...
    The aim of this burn is to reduce the volume of forest fuels and to create a mosaic pattern of burnt and unburnt areas within the park.
    This will help reduce the intensity of any subsequent wildfires and provide favourable conditions for natural forest regeneration.

    I burn it cause it makes nice pattern. Or to stop fire on island.
    Awesome logic.