Sunday, 28 July 2013

Fate's fair hand

Sometimes fate delivers you into the right place, or to the right person, at the right time.
Being, it would appear, semi-addicted to having the Weekend Australian we headed up to the Cardwell slipway to tie up for a night or two so we could buy the paper and refresh our fruit and veges.
We had intended to do this on Friday but the tides were more favourable on Thursday.
The entry to the old marina is silting up so a decent rising tide is needed to get through.
From this ...

... to this ...

... and this. Excellent parking skills Royden! Despite the industrial surrounds, we were grateful to know there is somewhere secure to tie up the boat at Cardwell - and it allowed us to change our plans and stay in the area for Cristy and Johnno's visit.
Anyway, having swapped our amazing backdrop of mountains for a huge shed and a puddle of water, we got out the bikes and headed into town. As fate would have it, this was just in time to meet up with another cyclist coming from the other side of the pond.
Around here, a person on a bike carrying a bag of garbage and a couple of shopping bags can only be off a boat so naturally we got chatting about boats and the marina etc.
Turns out the cyclist and her husband own the block of land opposite the slipway and, fortunately, had not built their house, nor moved their boat up from Gladstone, before Yasi hit in February 2011. The block includes a pontoon and two boat berths one of which is now occupied by their boat. The other they were looking to rent out short or long term for a very moderate rate.
As we were looking for somewhere to tie up while Royden goes to Melbourne for his August meeting - and somewhere for Cristy and Johnno to leave their car when they come up for a holiday with us in mid-August - we put our hands up.
... and this is where we have moved to
With this settled and The Australian bought, we prepared to head back out into the Hinchinbrook Channel on Saturday's rising tide. That was until part of one of Royden's teeth decided to give way at breakfast.
A quick change of plans ensued with a dental appointment secured in Townsville for Monday, we contacted our prospective berth owners and were able to move across the puddle into Sea Piper's new tie-up looking out over green lawn and palm trees.
Tomorrow it's off on the bus for the appointment and an overnight stay with David and Vikki.
It's again timely as the wind has been up around 25 to 30 knots for the past few days but is easing on Tuesday/Wednesday with a very favourable weather window following. Perhaps a perfect opportunity for a little island or reef hopping.


  1. oh that couldn't have worked out better eh? Bet you are looking forward to the kids arriving, not so the dental apptmt - 11 Bridge Road is warm and hummin'!! it feels like home you may never get rid of us!!! hugs to you both. D n

    1. I reckon we could get by pretty well as shared live-ins. Thinking how much my uke playing would improve. So happy the house is working well for you. Fate at work again methinks. Tight squeezes from us xx

  2. Ahh the fickled finger of fate! I have always believed things happen for a reason. Snap with Royden, I bit into some lettuce last night and musn't have rinsed it properly. Sheared off accross the bottom of my front tooth. But not to worry that one was always slightly longer than the other. xxleighxx