Saturday, 3 August 2013

Here comes the sun, doot'n doo doo

The Tully-Cardwell range area is reputed to be the wettest in Australia.
I don't doubt that.
We've been around here for two weeks now and it has rained to some extent on around half those days.
No wonder the waterfalls still flow and the tropical growth stays so lush.
Crossing the Cardwell range by bus last Monday, heading for Townsville, we drove from cloud into clear skies and sunshine.
But sunshine and clear skies greeted our return on Tuesday (tooth fixed).
We threw off the mooring lines on Wednesday and headed back to Gayundah Creek on the rising tide.
It was a slick trip up the Channel yesterday morning, greatly contrasting with the choppy conditions the day before.

The channel was a bit choppy but the side creeks were a haven of calmness, with enough of a light breeze to keep the midges at bay.
Barramundi jumped and teased us but refused to be lured by our fishing lines.
Yesterday we moved camp southwards to what is locally known as Waterfall Creek. (The real Waterfall Creek lies further south and on the other side of the channel.) We puzzled over the duplication of names until we crossed the bar of the creek and rounded the bend. Staring back at us was a spill of water down a rock face on the Cardwell range.
It's flowing a bit stronger this morning after heavy rain last night.
Again it's a beautiful outlook and our plan from here is to have a bit of a fish around the run-offs then explore the alternate `Boat Passage' on the high tides through the numerous creeks that make up the Hinchinbrook Channel as we head back towards Cardwell.
Locally known as Waterfall Creek. Luckily the man-made structure came afterwards. Power-tower Creek doesn't quite have the same ring to it.

The bird life has been wonderful. We can hear mangrove robins but they have remained out of sight so far.
Heavy rain last night and this morning ...

... but the sun is breaking through.

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