Friday, 23 August 2013

A few more pics ...

The land of cyberspace is a strange one.
A brief internet connection window presented itself from within the depths of the Missionary Bay creeks and mountains and I was able to upload the last blog - but for the rest of the time we had no other reception of internet or phone. Don't know about TV but doubt we had that either.
The blog's success must have been due to the low cloud and early morning atmospheric conditions, plus the fact the internet cable is connected to the top of the 17m mast so therefore has the best chance of reaching anything.
Anyway, some of the photos wouldn't upload so I've attached them on this page.
Obviously we have sailed elsewhere, hence this update, and are now back in the Hinchinbrook Channel as the wind has picked up outside the shelter of the island - plus we caught the most fish here.
Cardwell's new walking/cycling path will go for kms right around the bay once the $40m restoration of the town, foreshore and road is complete.

Early morning start to catch the tide on Day 1

Taking up sailing position A

Everyone gets a turn at catching bream.


Leaving one's daughter on the tip of the Garden Island sand spit

Beautiful Britomart

A gargoyle on the reef. Who would have thought?

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