Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Moving right along

We dropped anchor here this morning.
Another day, another gorgeous view.
We've been moving on the morning high tides exploring the many creeks that make up the Hinchinbrook Channel. We spent yesterday in a creek midway along Boat Passage (the alternative route between Cardwell and Lucinda) and this morning moved along that creek to where it joins the main channel.
It's absolutely beautiful and in this morning's calm, fish were jumping everywhere.
A nice bream just in time for tea. Royden had baited the line and gone for a shower when the fish took hold and nearly ran the line out ... so I had to pull it in, didn't I.
All but one have proved elusive. It was delicious.
Over the past few days we've seen numerous small boats darting around checking crab pots and fishing, but this morning was the first time we've seen other yachts. Two of them in fact, along this creek.
Sea Piper's location looked pretty impressive from the dinghy.
I guess most people don't buy a yacht to hang out in a creek system!

Tranquil waters again. Note the non-movement of the wind generator. Not only is there no wind to turn it, it has been switched off for over a week. Friends gave us a spare pair of new blades to try and the noise was just as bad as with the old blades. The new battery charger Royden installed in the Whitsundays is doing such a good job that the wind generator is redundant (for the present). Yay!!!!!!

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