Monday, 4 November 2013

Dolphins and mating turtles

Dolphins in Gayundah Creek.
A pod of feeding dolphins in Gayundah Creek this morning got the cameras clicking, though we had to wait for their return journey to take pictures.
Having moved around here yesterday via a longish exploration route through several creeks, we were sitting on the back deck chatting when the first of the four dolphins emerged almost beside the boat, and heading up into the head of the creek.
They were a beautiful silvery-pink colour and we could see them even as they swam beneath the brown water. Knowing they had to come back the same way, one of us was always `lookout' for their return which happened about half an hour later.
Though the photos aren't that great, the experience was. It helped that conditions were superb with a clear blue sky and little wind, leaving the water almost glassy.
* I forgot to mention in an earlier blog that the day we left Cairns, we passed a pair of mating turtles off Cape Cleveland. At first it appeared to be a dead turtle but as we drew closer, we noticed `it' was very much alive with two heads and bodies firmly linked. 
No photos of this phenomena however as we were riding a few waves at the time - it didn't seem to worry the turtles though.

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