Sunday, 10 November 2013

No pressure from Peers

Peer Pressure pulled out ahead of us as we headed along the Lucinda wharf.
Will we ever have the patience to sail like Peer Pressure did yesterday?
We were leaving the Hinchinbrook Channel via the Lucinda end with its seemingly never-ending jetty when a Seawind catamaran Peer Pressure pulled out ahead of us (we think from the inlet near Dungeness).
With the light breeze blowing directly on the nose and no other choice than to head straight into it along this very wide bay but very narrow boating channel, we didn't bother to hoist the main, opting to make a decision on sails once we were past the loading bay at the end of the jetty. Peer Pressure however had their main up from the start even though it flapped uselessly for the next hour.
But their plan became clear as we neared the jetty end and they turned due south and put out their head sail. They're headed straight to Townsville or maybe Rattlesnake Island, we thought, as we continued slightly south-easterly to Orpheus Island and Little Pioneer Bay.
An hour and a half later we had picked up a mooring and were enjoying lunch on deck in beautiful conditions.
We could see Peer Pressure making slow but steady progress down the coast but ever so slowly gaining some easterly miles.
A meditation pyramid - or just a bit of fun with driftwood at Little Pioneer Bay?
Meanwhile we took a trip to shore, had a walk and, with crystal clear water and not a stinger or jelly fish in sight, we went swimming. It was gorgeous.
Returning to Sea Piper we noticed a sail coming up from the south and as it neared we could see it was Peer Pressure, still tacking and sailing to reach the same destination as us.
They picked up a mooring in Little Pioneer Bay around 5pm and probably had just as lovely a day as we had.
The odd Wobbegong shark didn't deter us from a swim. Maybe they eat jellyfish?

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  1. Looks fantastic guys! Who needs to sail like Peer Pressure when you get there first. xxleighxx