Friday, 12 September 2014

Anchorages new and old

Glassy morning in Double Bay today.
It's incredible that we can be anchored in a secluded little bay with no access to phone or TV but, lo and behold, we have internet (albeit slow and intermittent) thanks to that thingy on the top of the mast that runs down and connects to our plug-in wireless that connects to our laptop.
Allelujah! How else would we keep up with the world?
Since the last blog, we have had an easy trip south through to a lovely (and new to us) anchorage off Gloucester Island.
Bona Bay proved peaceful and calm - a great overnight stop and with a long sandy beach for a morning walk. The shady area beyond the beach, complete with pit toilets and picnic tables, is obviously popular with campers and we had a laugh at the big sign `No Fires" with camp fire debris all around it. I often think that National Parks campsites like this would fare better if there was one reasonably sized fireplace where people could have a fire on or near the beach rather than the litter of a dozen half-covered piles of burnt debris.
Backing onto the beach at Bona Bay

Looking across the bay towards Bowen

Bona Bay beach

Sea Piper
Yesterday, in glassy conditions, we caught the last of the incoming tide through the Gloucester Passage and stopped for lunch at Olden Island.
Yay! We're officially in the Whitsundays.
After a lazy hour or so a freshening breeze enable us to sail around to Double Bay, one of our favourites and where we plan to spend the next couple of days before heading around to Airlie.
The fishing is generally good here but I don't want to jinx us at this point. We caught a nice size (three meals) mackerel as we approached Bowen the other day so we're not short of fish.

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