Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Gold - to share

Silver one minute - gold the next!
Lucky neighbours enjoyed half the spoils from this fishing expedition yesterday at low tide. A beaut golden trevally - great eating fresh but not much good after freezing.
Excellent for Nummus though (ie raw fish `cooked' by massaging through with vinegar, lemon and salt laced with oodles of garlic and chilli), which brings back great memories of the Wiligi mob and lots of good times in Arnhem Land. Also more recent good times gorging on Nummus in the Hinchinbrook Channel.
Being a bit slow with the camera these days, I failed to capture the transformation of this fish from silvery white to rich gold - hence the name I guess.
We also managed to land several rock cod but each was too small and went back to the sea to grow bigger for next time.
The predicted storm front came through last night giving the boat a good wash. For a while we thought the rain was going to miss us as we watched it sheeting across the water to the south. Then the wind changed ....
More rain and strong winds are predicted for today so baking, reading and fishing are again on our agenda till the front passes and we head to another bay - perhaps tomorrow.
Storm clouds brewing.

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