Friday, 3 June 2011

Matchsticks or masts?

Airlie masts, moorings and marina
For a moment I was confused.
Rounding Grimston Point to sail into Airlie Beach was reminiscent of approaching a matchstick forest - but without the canopy. There are hundreds of yachts here. It has to be Australia's mast capital.
And we've added another.
It's an interesting place. A bit more developed than when we were here last (about 10 years ago) but still firmly aimed at the backpacker.
It also has a great bus system which is an advantage when you're car-less and need to pick up parts from beyond the main shopping precinct.
We'll stay overnight and go to the foreshore market in the morning then head back to Woodwark for the weekend and a bit of fishing.
Swallows - cute except for their calling cards.

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