Wednesday, 8 June 2011

A stitch in time

If it had to happen, the timing couldn't have been better.
On the morning we were upping anchor and shifting into Airlie Beach marina to pick up our first visitors, the stitching on the starboard trampoline gave way.
Normally I do all the forward work but this particular morning, Royden stepped out on the tramp to check something and heard an unmistakeable .. rriiiipp.... as the stiching under his foot let go.
Maybe my weight would not have triggered it so it made us shudder to think of somebody falling through mid-voyage or in the middle of the night. As it was, the tramps were the allocated ``guest room'' for two of our visitors who were to sleep under the stars in swags.

Looks safe but isn't. I've circled where the stitching is giving way between the two sets of anchor ropes.

The fortunate part of all this was that we were booked to overnight at a place built around boats and sailing. Johns Sails, near the marina, were extraordinarily obliging, agreeing to restitch both trampolines by mid next morning.
It was quite a job getting the tramps unhitched but, as they are light, we were able to carry one each up to the repair shop.
The other fortunate part was that our visitors provided extra hands to re-attach and tension the tramps.
The job was started in the marina until we reached our exit time, then continued at anchor just outside the marina, and when that got too swelly, we sailed across to Woodwark (fast becoming a favourite) for the final touches.
The deck sleepers were still with us in the morning - I guess that means all is well in the forward area again.

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