Sunday, 12 June 2011

Sunny one day.....? One day!

Brrrr. This must be the coldest spell of weather for the Whitsundays ever.
Instead of basking in sunshine, we had to huddle around the new Cobb cooker to stay warm yesterday.
(The Cobb, by the way, meets all expectations and did a fine job of our lamb roast last night. Gotta love ebay for a good deal!)
Who would guess we're in Queensland, rugged up like this.

From Friday evening the wind blew, and blew, and blew and it got colder and colder.
We hightailed it out of Butterfly Bay early on Friday after a night of `bullet' winds coming down off the mountain and through the narrow bay we were in. Each blast was like a punch in the face. Whammo. It blew our deck sleeping guests back inside around 2am, which was just as well as rain followed soon after.
We've spent the past two nights in Stonehaven Bay on a mooring. This morning the weather calmed and a bit of snorkelling was possible before we headed south towards Sawmill Bay in Cid Harbour for our next overnight stop.
The forecast gives us expectations of some sunshine maybe tomorrow. Can't wait to defrost.

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  1. Here's what it says on google about stonehaven bay - "Stonehaven is a majestic bay surrounded by some lofty hills. It is very blustery in heavy South East conditions. ". Sounds like you can testify to that one !