Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Cardwell post-Yasi

Cardwell is recovering from Yasi but is in desperate need of more residents and tourists.
We sailed up to the town yesterday, anchoring off the northern beach as the marina precinct is out-of-bounds unless a) you live there or b) you make a booking to get fuel and pay the $50 opening fee for the bowser.
The shop keepers are as friendly as ever - and once again we were offered a lift back to the dinghy by a complete stranger. Maybe yachties stand out because of the odd clothes we wear, the browness of our skin and our daypacks. Who knows!
The shops are all freshly painted as are many of the non-brick houses. The only thing missing is the foreshore bushland and trees - and people.
Evidently over 500 people left the town during or following Yasi and they haven't come back to live. Couple that with the loss of jobs in industries like the marina, boatyard, chandlery and the barramundi farm which was also wiped out. It's such a shame as this is a beaut little town - a bit like Dromana of 50 years ago.
We returned to anchor in Gayundah Creek in the afternoon as it blew up a bit in the more exposed area off Cardwell. It was an interesting trip in the dinghy from the shore to Sea Piper. We both got soaked in the short, sharp waves that rose up with the wind.
Catching up on the knitting during the peaceful sail up to Cardwell.
Fishing in the evening.


  1. Did you wear the clothes in your knitting photo into Cardwell??? If yes, wonder no more about how they guessed you were yachties!!!

  2. And the Pirates Hat!Ahoy me HEarties!!

  3. Oh I love the top Janet! xxleigh