Sunday, 18 November 2012

If wishes were fishes ...

Looking pretty happy with their catch - and who wouldn't be.
What better way to cap off an overnighter to Magnetic Island than with a hefty mackerel.
David and Vikki joined us on Friday for the trip out to Horseshoe Bay, along the eastern edge of the island past Nelly, Florence and Radical Bay.
With the wind going round to the north, it was a bit rolly in Horseshoe but, arriving just on low tide, we were able to tuck Sea Piper into a protected corner and enjoy the lovely sunset and starry night.
A strengthening wind and an incoming tide made for an interesting dinghy ride into the Horseshoe Bay foreshore the next morning, but the walk along the beach and exploring yet another track off this bay made it worth the soggy clothes, which in this temperature dry in a matter of minutes.
It was also interesting to watch the life savers drag a net through a section of the bay to ascertain stinger activity in the area. I think it must have been too rough for stingers as there were none in the net, but there were fish and crabs which were duly released. The happiest creatures on the foreshore were the seagulls. They must love the easy feed this daily ritual provides - along with the tourists' chips.
Goodbye Horseshoe Bay - till next time.
We decided the sea was too lumpy to eat our lunch of freshly cooked prawns at anchor in the bay so we hoisted the main and head sail and took advantage of the northerly breeze to complete our circumnavigation of the island before returning to Townsville.
Just off West Point, located (as you may have guessed) on the western corner of the island, the mackerel line went off and Royden and David hauled in the beauty shown in the photos.
A nice memento of their trip to take home - in fillets of course.
A few fillets off this one.
NB There were quite a number of big carrier ships off Magnetic Island waiting to go into Townsville Harbour. One of them, a car carrier, looked like it was made of Lego. It was the most un-shiplike shape for a ship. I wonder if it's captain was of a squarish build also - the total Lego picture.
Legoland on the water.


  1. Ahhh the bobsie twins...don't they look cute in their matching shorts. Do you think they could wear the same to the family xmas party. Glad to hear you all had a wonderful time xxxleigh

  2. Apparently, according to the local fisher types, that spot is good for the odd Mackeral.