Wednesday, 14 November 2012


An eerie light settled over the marina this morning as the moon passed across the sun.
The view of the eclipse from Townsville was at about 95 per cent so we didn't get total blackout but it was enough to take the warmth from the sun and dull the reflections of boats on the water.
Carolynne and Ted had managed to secure two pairs of the dinky cardboard `eclipse' glasses so armed with those and a pinholed-biscuit box and sheet of white paper, the four of us sat on the front deck of Double Vision to share this rare experience.
I was amazed at how well the pin-holed sheet worked when reflected through to the white paper. The glasses were great too.
Interesting also that there was no notable reduction in the light from the sun until the moon was well across it. Shows how much power the sun puts out and how little we need.
Light's fading on Double Vision.
The moon is almost across the sun but the reflection in the water is still round. Curious.

A biscuit box and a sheet of paper for my pinhole camera to view the eclipse.
The wind has been blowing like crazy this week  (30 knots in the marina yesterday morning!) but all was calm and still this morning, a welcome addition to the experience.
With the forecast of much improved conditions over the next week, we're planning a trip with David and Vikki out to Magnetic Island on the weekend. Another of our favourite spots.

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