Sunday, 9 August 2015


Only one word for today's sail from Hinchinbrook to Dunk Island - AWESOME.
With the early morning wind in the north-west we weren't confident that we could maintain the sails heading due north but Venus must have aligned with Mars and we ripped along at 7.5 knots and more, 20 degrees and less off the nose, and with just 12 knots of breeze.
Total buzz!
Add to that frolicking whales and a pod of dolphins to make up the perfect trifecta.
Arrived at Dunk in time for lunch and the Sunday muso session.
Paws scooting along this morning. Hope they have some pics of Sea Piper doing the same.

Welcome to Dunk - once again.

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  1. Looks wonderful! Have a feeling I have seen a very similar photo from Dunk previously, maybe 12 months ago even!! Love that you're back on the water and enjoying yourselves. xx