Monday, 24 August 2015

Happy Anniversary to us

Yesterday's plans to head south from the Palms to Magnetic Island were put on hold when the promised 10 to 15 knot easterly failed to arrive and was instead replaced by a 20 knot south-easterly, which would have meant punching into a head wind and swell for hours.
No thanks!
With time on our side we decided to sit it out and celebrate our 46th wedding anniversary moored safely in Little Pioneer Bay.
The tide chart marks a special day
Time to celebrate.
Royden, bless him, produced a chilled bottle of champagne and some raspberry chocolates he'd managed to find in the limited stocks of Dungeness, while I rustled up some savouries.

A much nicer way to spend the afternoon rather than slugging it out with the elements.
The wind finally died off around 5pm by which time we weren't going anywhere.
After another showery but calm night (this is the area of Australia's highest rainfall) we were both awake at 4.30am and decided to slip our mooring and head off.
It's a little eerie setting off into the pitch black but it's also a beautiful time to be on the water and watch the light slowly define the surroundings.
Rarely have we seen Halifax Bay so calm which has meant motor-sailing all of the way but it's better than flogging Sea Piper, and ourselves.
A beaut mackerel happened to like our lure as well so that's secured dinner for the next few nights.
PS Within  minutes of posting the above, the wind shifted and strengthened  a couple of knots so motor is off and we are sailing along.
Yee hah!
Happy, happy, happy!
An excellent catch

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