Saturday, 15 August 2015



Early morning reflections in the channel

... and who should come along for a photo opportunity

Reflections looking towards Hinchinbrook Island.
I had a sense of deja vu yesterday morning when I took a photo of the perfect morning reflection of the Hinchinbrook mountains in the still waters of the channel.
This place never fails to impress us with it's beauty.
But it was during the night that we saw the reflection that had us both in `Wow!' mode.
There was no moon so it was total blackness all around except for our anchor light and the stars in the cloudless sky.
Those stars were perfectly reflected in the glassy waters giving the sensation that Sea Piper was suspended in the middle of a glass bubble.
It was awesome!
It was also cold. Temperatures have been dropping to single figures which is pretty unusual for mid-August - from our experience anyway.
But with gorgeous days, we're not complaining.

  • Heard on the news yesterday that a fire had broken out (suspected deliberately lit) at the abandoned Hinchinbrook Island resort. We caught a snippet on the tv last night, filmed from a passing helicopter, and it looked ferocious so suspect the main building and nearby cabins are reduced to ash. It's a wonder we didn't see the black smoke across the mountain although the wind would have been blowing it away from us.
Is that a smile Mr Crocodile?

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